French brand Océé is an eco-conscious fashion and art label in partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe.
Océé’s aesthetic pays tribute to the oceanic and waterfront environment as well as the urban, beach and surf culture. 

Our art and photography prints section is dedicated to highlight the work of artists and photographers, produced in limited editions.

Our objects collections are designed in collaboration with artists

Océé aims to imagine a future to the dimension of our dreams and to create unique products and images thats tells a story, a dream or just a magic wander, goods that let people imaginative and reflective.  

By reducing the impact of our production, the collections are limited editions entirely manufactured with environnemental practices and quality eco-friendly fabric, materials and dyes.

Océe is proud to be part of the Slow Movement and aims to propose a new behavior towards fashion.

Océé is dedicated to develop an alternative to mass production and fast fashion concept and hopes to raise awareness to its customers about sustainable development.




Océane Buret, 29 years old, founder of Océé, is also a freelance photographer and graphic designer currently based in Paris, France.

Passionate with fashion, art, music and travels, Océane had many experiences in the fashion industry spending time between Paris, New York, Auckland and Los Angeles.

She connected with the ocean early on, spending all summers sailing with her family across France and Europe. 

She captures and creates unique oceanic and seaside cities scenes, by playing on the overwhelming presence of the sky and the never-ending sunshine.